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TOO KGEC is included in the IGO "Bread House" as a supplier of flour and wheat grain production of Kazakhstan

Our company exists on the international market for many years. You will get high quality and good price cooperating with us.

We are pleased to open up new markets and welcome new partners for mutually beneficial cooperation. Our offers are probably the best and our numerous partners and satisfied customers prove it.

Our company adheres to the most loyal policy in setting prices for our goods. First, in order that the customers could easily expand. And secondly, to strengthen existing business relationships with regular customers.

Today the grain bulk can be bought at any large company that is specialized on the collection and storage of the crop. Buying grains in large volumes has many advantages, for example, reduced price. To buy wheat in bulk is not a problem, the main thing is to find a company that would be able to offer you the best option.

Benefits of buying grain in bulk

Buying grain in bulk every entrepreneur in the first, saves a lot of money. In addition, the purchased grain is not necessarily transported from the silos, it can be there while the owner did not have in it necessity. It is worth noting that to keep the grain in the granary is a great option to save the quality of the crop, and also to get rid of the question of where to store a large amount of purchased wholesale grain of wheat.


Meeting the highest standards

Being at the international market, we must meet the highest requirements and certificates. Our quality it is our responsibility to our customers and the main credo of the company.

Review of terminology: International trade ICC (France)

The term Definition
ICC (France) the international chamber of Commerce
USP 600 the Unified rules and customs for Documentary letters of credit (SBLC/DLC).
INCOTERMS 2010the international rules applicable in international trade
CIFan international trade term (Cost, insurance and freight).
ASWPis any safe world port.
SBLC, DLC и BG a standby letter of credit, Documentary letter of credit and transfer Bank guarantee.
ТОП 50 банковa list of the 50 largest banks in the world.
SGS (Switzerland)is a company providing independent inspection, control and certification.
Perfomans Bondthe legal guarantee of the execution of the contract.
ICUMSA 45the international Committee on sugar analysis, where 45 is the number of purity of sugar.
LOIa (Letter of intent) for the purchase of goods, the buyer releases on official letterhead with the details of the company and signature.
SCOSoft corporate offer, that the seller releases to the buyer..
ICPOis irrevocable corporate purchase order item, with full legal responsibility.
IMFPA (on Commission) & NCNDA (non-disclosure)a contract between the seller and the intermediary, which is after setting a SWIFT by buyer's Bank.


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