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Part 1

1. The seller releases: Personal offer + LOI Template
2. Buyer releases: a completed LOI
LOI is a letter of intent which announces the purchase of goods.
LOI - the buyer releases on official letterhead with company details, stamp and signature.
LOI which do not meet these requirements are considered as invalid.
3. The seller releases: Soft Corporate Offer (SCO) + ISPO Template.
4. Buyer releases: filled ISPO.
ICPO is irrevocable corporate purchase order with full legal

Part 2

5. Seller releases: a completed Contract for signature to the buyer.
6. Buyer issues: a signed Contract within 48 hours. Sends the Application and Contract for SWIFT (one month value). The Buyer's Bank confirms Seller's Bank about the release of SWIFT, up to 3 (three) working days
7. Seller's Bank issues POP (papers) and 2% Perfomans Bond (one month value) for up to 15 days and sends to the buyer.
8. Shipping and forwarding begin immediately according to the contract
9. The seller + facilitator: contract NCNDA (non-disclosure) & IMFPA (on the Commission), after the release of SWIFT, the Buyer's Bank.

Why it is profitable to work with us

Cooperation on international level

Minimum trial shipment of 3,000 tons 1 ship!


Payment in TOP 50 banks in the world: SBLC, DLC or BG

SPECIFICATION: wheat Flour GOST R 52189-2003 | wheat 2-3-4-5 class

The operating procedure of the company according to the rules of International trade ICC

Four guarantees: for your protection against fraud and the receiption of the goods at the buyer's port

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